Newkirk Church of Christ

328 N. Main Street

Newkirk, OK 74647


If you are visiting with us today, we want you to know that not only are you welcome but you are WANTED!

It is our great pleasure to have you with us.

A Christian’s duty is serving mankind, let us know if we can help.

The Newkirk church of Christ is motivated by a deep love for God and a genuine concern for all people. Love is the badge of all true disciples (John 13:33–34), and the prerequisite for all service (1 Corinthians 13:1–8).

The work of Jesus’ church is threefold:

  1. 1. Teach others about Jesus, make desciples (Mark 16:15–16)
  2. 2. Encourage each other to be faithful to Jesus (Romans 14:19)
  3. 3. Help others in the name of Jesus (James 1:27)

We believe the Bible teaches that sinners are saved by faith, repentance, confession, and baptism (John 3:16; Mark 16:16; Acts 2:38; Romans 10:9–10), and that Christians must remain faithful after conversion (Revelation 2:10).

As to doctrine, the church of Christ seeks to return to simple New Testament Christianity and unite all Christians into one body (1 Corinthians 1:10; Ephesians 4:4–6). We believe that the New Testament is the only rule for faith and practice (2 Timothy 3:16–17; 1 Peter 4:11), and that it must authorize all that is taught and practiced (Colossians 3:17; Revelation 22:18–19).

To carefully follow the New Testament in all things, during our worship service, we observe the Lord’s Supper every Sunday and sing songs a cappella.

In the New Testament, those who were being saved:

  1. 1. Listened to the gospel message (Mark 16:15, Romans 10:14)
  2. 2. Believed (Mark 16:16)
  3. 3. Were called to repentance (Acts 2:38)
  4. 4. Confessed that Jesus is the Son of God (Acts 8:37)
  5. 5. Were baptized for the forgiveness of their sins (Mark 16:16, Acts 2:38, 41)
  6. 6. God washed away their sins (now saved, forgiven) after baptism (Mark 16:16, Acts 22:16)
  7. 7. The Lord added them to the church (Acts 2:47)