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Scott DuttonScott’s Thoughts

October 14, 2018

On our way back from my niece’s wedding in Illinois, Ava and I took a couple of days just to spend time with each other. We wound up in Manhattan Kansas. We chose Manhattan simply because we had never been there before. We did not get to see very much of the city because of the rain, rain and more rain, but we did go to “The Flint Hills Discovery Center.”

As you might guess, it is a center dedicated to preserving the history of the flint hills. I’m the first to admit that I knew nothing about the flint hills, I learned that Newkirk sits just west of the southern end of the flint hills. In fact most of Kay County is part of the flint hills. There is a mineral just below the shallow soil that is mixed with the limestone called chert we commonly call it flint. It is a form of Quartz and is very hard. Flint is hard but can be chipped leaving a very sharp edge. Lime stone, on the other hand, when it is removed from the ground is relatively soft and easily shaped but when it is exposure to the Sun and dries it gets hard.

The Indians used flint to make knives, axes, arrow heads and most any type of cutting instrument. It seems that tribes from other locations would travel to the Flint area to trade with the local tribes for this valuable material. I’m told it is still a wonderful place for collectors to find arrowheads. The Indians and the first European settlers used the sod from the flint hills to build houses. Later, the Europeans would build more substantial homes from the abundant lime stone. Both the Indians and the Europeans used what God had placed in their path to make homes and tools to support their families.

I’ll admit that I was fascinated by our time at the “Discovery Center.” I learned a great deal from the experience and it has drawn my thoughts more to the evidence of God than human ingenuity. Genesis 1:1 (ESV) In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth. The creation included the Flint Hills. When did the first people arrive at the Flint Hills? I have no idea but I know God created and prepared the way for man to make his home there. It was home first for the Native Americans, later for European settlers, and finally for us today. We can look around and see God’s intricate plan even in this small part of the world. Other locations are just as interesting and hold different evidence of the same God. Let’s take a few minutes to sit and look at God’s creation and marvel at Him. Thanks for listening and let us know

Thanks for listening and let us know if we can help.


A Publishing Church

The CEO of a big company was scheduled to speak at an important convention, so he asked one of his employees, Jenkins, to write him a punchy, 15-minute speech. When the CEO returned from the big event, he was furious. "What's the idea of writing me an hour-long speech?" he barked. "Half the audience walked out before I finished." Jenkins was baffled. "I wrote you a 15-minute speech just like you asked," he replied. "I also gave you the three extra copies you asked for." Our world is saturated with words and messages – and much of it is a repeat of the same old worn out stuff from one day to the next. From the mindless and mundane to the urgent and earthshaking – people are talking, telling stories, and sending messages. We live in a wordy world awash in talk and messages and stories and news.

What can the church do in a world of non-stop talk? We, too, have a story that needs to be told! And retold. A "good-news" story. A Gospel story that never grows old.

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A Publishing...

Jesus gave the church her mission statement and marching order in these familiar words – "Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature.

He who believes and is baptized will be saved; but he who does not believe will be condemned" (Mark 16:15-16). The salvation of the world depends upon a church that is willing to talk! The world is more than willing to talk — by texting and twittering and e-mails and faxes and cards and calls and letters and facebook and youtube. And don't forget the "blogosphere" – that place out in cyberspace where anybody is free to say and write anything about everything anybody else has said or written! Also in this flood of words there is "talk TV" and radio where "talking heads" tell us what they think and try to convince us they are eminently and exclusively qualified to tell us what we ought to think about everything from athletics to politics. There is talk around the office water cooler and down at the diner, and there are magazines and newspapers and newsletters and advertisements. The talk is truly unending.

Two verses from Mark's account of the Gospel picture what the church ought to be doing. The first is Mark 1:45a. After Jesus healed a leper, Mark informs us the man "... went out, and began to publish it much, and to blaze abroad the matter" (King James Version). The second is Mark 5:20 where, after Jesus had healed a man of the unclean Legion demons, the man went out and "began to publish in Decapolis how great things Jesus had done for him" (King James Version). Millions of messages are being preached and published. Thousands of groups have an agenda they are unashamed to proclaim, and endless energy and money is spent promoting and proclaiming their products and ideas and philosophies. Meanwhile, some in the church are quiet and shy, seemingly intimidated, more of a society of silent saints than a body of redeemed people determined to publish and blaze abroad what God has done for us. Jesus has put His church in the publishing business! What do you love to talk about most? The old, old story of Jesus and His love needs to burn in our hearts and be on our lips. Have you published that lately? Think about it.

—Dan Gulley, Smithville church of Christ