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Scott’s Thoughts

November 28, 2021


Mother's Day 2021

“Teach me your was, O Lord, and lead me
on a level path b e c a u s e of my enemies.”
(Psalm 27:11, ESV)

Ava and I Ava and I have been spending several days at our youngest daughter’s house, visiting with her and her husband. Guess I should mention we have also been ENJOYING our GRANDCHILDREN. We just got back from going to lunch with our granddaughter, who is now five. We let her set the location for our feast. Her choice — “McDonald’s.” Now, that is not Ava’s first choice nor mine, for that matter. But on our way to McDonald’s, we made a wrong turn and saw a roast beef place called “Lion’s Choice.” That is not her choice, so we turn around to find McDonald’s, only to discover their dining room is closed and is drive-thru only. We load back up and settle on Arby’s, but they are drive-thru only also. So, we decided to try “Lion’s Choice.” It’s not a chain we have heard of, but their dining room is open! A young lady goes out of her way to help a five-year-old and two old people who are hard of hearing navigate the menu and we finally have a relaxing lunch.

Have you ever taken a wrong turn? We don’t take wrong turns to our daughter’s house. The GPS brings us right to the door. But in this part of the city, we are on unfamiliar ground. It seems everyone around here takes the posted speed limit as a mere suggestion. The roads are everything but straight and are two to eight lanes wide. We often have to turn right then turn around and go back to the stoplight to make the left turns.

I can remember driving to unfamiliar places before GPS existed. A good old road map was all we needed to navigate. Before setting out for my intended route, I would spend time with a map learning all I could about the route, and it worked well. I have traveled from coast to coast with nothing but a pile of paper road maps but, today I depend on the GPS. My biggest problem with it is that in the countryside it lets me know of an upcoming turn long before I get there. In the city, it tells me to turn after it is too late to change lanes to get to the exit or I have already passed it and sometimes it takes us in the wrong direction.

Life is sometimes like that. We have many warnings about the path we are on. However, nothing seems out of order, so we stay on that path. Then one day we wake up and realize the consequences of taking this risky road. Hopefully, we will realize we are on the wrong path before it’s too late but, many will not. They’re distracted by things around them and don’t notice the direction they are heading is the
wrong one and will take them where they never intended or ever wanted to go.

We have a map for life called the Bible. It has sure and exact directions for the way to eternal life. It also helps in getting us back on track if we lose our way.

“Send out your light and your truth; let them lead me; let them bring me to your holy hill and to your dwelling!” (Psalm 43:3, ESV)

Thanks for listening and keep on shining. —Scott

Lord, Send Someone Else

In the book of Judges, we read about a time when the nation of Israel was overrun with Midianites. They would rob God’s people of their harvest and do even more evil things to God’s people. Israel prayed and begged God to send a leader who would run the enemies out of their land and peace would come.

In Judges 6:12, the Angel of the Lord addressed a coward by the name of Gideon. The Angel said: “The Lord is with you mighty warrior.” The Lord didn’t see Gideon in his present situation. But, Gideon’s lack of faith or courage is seen in a question. Gideon dared ask the Angel of the Lord, that if the Lord is with him why didn’t he do something about these evil Midianites overrunning his land.

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Lord, Send...

And there was an answer to that question. It was not what Gideon wanted to hear. God’s answer was:
“I am doing something about it. It’s you. You are the answer. You, Gideon, go and deliver your people.”

Often times, there are folks who say: “Why don’t they do something. But the question should be, what
can I do about that situation? Here is a good example. There is always an element that always says, “Why don’t the churches do something about the poor?” What those folks fail to realize is, they are the church. And if they see a need, then maybe that’s the Lord calling them to do something about that need.

Gideon was surprised by this answer. I don’t know what he thought the Lord should do. He probably wanted God to simply wipe out the enemies of Israel with a wave of his hand. And God could have done that. But the Lord doesn’t think like we think (Isaiah 55:8-9). God sees things we don’t see. He knows things we don’t know. God’s plans are perfect. Ours are flawed.

Apparently, Gideon wanted deliverance, but he wanted someone else to do the delivering. So, Gideon
came up with an excuse. He said, “But Lord, I am from the weakest clan and I am its weakest member.” Basically, his response was: “Lord someone else.”

Often, we think we are not smart enough, talented enough, rich enough, to complete a work. But God sees what you can become if you will put yourself in His hands. Lord looks at you and sees great potential. I truly believe that the Apostle Paul understood this when he wrote: “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” (Philippians 4:13).

— Larry Fitzgerald
Woodlawn church of Christ
Abilene, TX